Clinical Teaching Practicum 1 & 2
Selective Courses for 3rd and 4th Year Students


The Clinical Teaching Practicum 1 & 2 provide students with the opportunity to learn about adult education, and to develop and practice teaching skills in pre-clinical and clinical settings. The Practicum in Clinical Teaching informs students about academic career options and prepares them for possible future roles as dental faculty members by training them in teaching. The Practicum also benefits future dentists, who will likely be involved in training more junior dentists and staff members in their practices as well as educating patients.

In this Clinical Teaching Practicum, students will have the opportunity to review course material and skills taught in the first and second year curriculum and rethink them from a different perspective. Now in the role of teacher, the student must be able to explain the material or model these skills to more junior students, which requires a different level of understanding and well-developed communication skills. This experience not only promotes the student’s own lifelong learning, but also teaches students how to promote lifelong learning in others.

Information about the Course and Student Testimonials

Full interviews with students who completed the Clinical Teaching Practicum

Nicholas Riccio, Class of 2013
Nick helped with clinical teaching in Dr. Mandradjieff’s course RESTD 5216 Endodontics 1 Lab

Cassidy Budd, Class of 2013
Cassidy helped with clinical teaching in Dr. Matuszak’s course RESTD 5147 Principles of Operative Dentistry 1 Lab

Course Syllabi
Link to syllabi (please use your Pitt username and password to login to the SDM intranet site or email Dr. Zsuzsa Horvath for the most current version of the syllabi)
Clinical Teaching Practicum 1
Clinical Teaching Practicum 2

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