Center for Dental Informatics: Courses


Introduction to Computing: a required information technology course in the predoctoral program. The course equips students with the information technology skills that are applicable throughout their education and professional life. Course content is in part based on the Competencies for Dental Informatics developed by the Center.


Introduction to Dental Informatics Research: intended to provide trainees with a rich practical experience in conceptualizing, formulating, conducting and publishing short-term (3-6 months) research projects in dental informatics.

Dental Information Systems Infrastructures: a series of seminars and assignments centered on the management of large-scale information technology infrastructures. The course also includes several special topics related to dental informatics in academia and industry.

Dental Informatics Seminar: exposes students to current research projects of the Center of Dental Informatics and seminal research in dental/medical informatics. Participants critically evaluate studies, methodologies, and results.

Continuing Education
Information Retrieval for Dental Professionals: designed to help dental professionals learn how to find professional information on the Web more quickly and efficiently. Enroll online.

Dental Photography: How to Shoot Digital and Optimize the Results with Photoshop: starter course for dental photographers who just converted from film to digital or who are planning to convert in the near future.

Crown Preparation: Online course demo to provide dental students with fundamental didactic and technical knowledge to begin preclinical skill development for full crown preparations. This course was developed by Ronald Kaiser and Heiko Spallek at Temple University, School of Dentistry. Free Access.

Histology of the Periodontium: histology and microscopic anatomy of the periodontium (authored by Max A. Listgarten, Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania and Clinical Professor of Periodontics at the University of California in San Francisco). Free Access.