Department of Dental Public Health: Programs


Student Community Outreach Program and Education
Student Community Outreach Program and Education (SCOPE) was established in 2001 to provide predoctoral students with valuable experiences in community service before beginning the clinical curriculum. Each student is required to complete 40 hours of non-dental community projects during the first two years of dental school. Through this experience, students can expand their personal and professional insight, gain experience in cultural competency, and help serve the needs of the community.

The clinical phase of the program, which is now known as SCOPE II, was initiated in 1998 and has grown to serve many sites throughout Western Pennsylvania. Predoctoral students participating in SCOPE II have volunteered their clinical skills in underserved communities from Altoona, PA, to Youngstown, OH, while helping practicing dentists to provide necessary dental care to their individual community. Journal writing is an integral part of SCOPE and SCOPE II as a way of encouraging professional development.

More information about the SCOPE program can be found here.

Academic Dentistry and Clinical Teaching Opportunities
The Clinical Teaching Practicum 1 & 2 selective courses provide students with the opportunity to learn about adult education, develop and practice teaching skills in pre-clinical and clinical settings, inform students about academic career options and prepare them for possible future roles as dental faculty members by training them in teaching.

More information about the Clinical Teaching Practicum can be found here.

A lunch hour discussion series is offered twice a year about academic dentistry as a career option. The meetings are informal lunchtime discussions about dental education as a career, clinical teaching, dental public health as an academic field, and similar topics of interest. Special guests (faculty and students) are invited to share their experiences and thoughts.

Feel free to contact Dr. Zsuzsa Horvath with any questions or suggestions regarding the teaching practicum or discussion series.