Gainful Employment Disclosure

Department of Education - Gainful Employment Initiative
  This Advanced Education Program prepares students to enter the occupation of Endodontics
SOC:     29-1029  
OPEID:  003379  
O*NET:  32105B  
CIP: 51.0506  
Credential Level:  04
Program Costs      
  Tuition     $38,668
  Instruments   $6,164
  University Fees   $1,110
  Departmental Profession Fees
  Books, Supplies, Materials $2,000
  Maximum Living Allowance $20,000
  Adjustment for Loan Fees $984
  Total PA     $69,006
  Total OS     $78,108
  *Second year Endodontic Residents are allotted an additional $425 for American Association of Endodontists Board Certification.  ($69,432=In-State/$78,534=Out-State)

Number of students who completed the Program during the most recently completed award year for which information is available:
Job placement rate for students completing the Program during the most recent year for which information is available:
Median of Title IV Funds (including Stafford sub/unsub and Grad PLUS)
  Academic Year 2010-2011:  $156,560
  Academic Year 2009-2010:    $99,102