Dental Hygiene: Certificate Program

        The Dental Hygiene Certificate Program is a two-year, six-term course of

        study that provides a broad range of education and experience.  Students

        preparing to enter the program should have a background in college

        level course work.  This experience helps to ensure a solid background in

        the basic sciences.  Incoming students also should have successfully

        completed a college level English composition course and a college level

        Introduction to Sociology course.

        The Dental Hygiene Program provides a comprehensive education in

        health sciences and clinical dental hygiene for men and women of all

        ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds.  It is the only dental hygiene program

        in the state of Pennsylvania that is housed within a dental school and is

        affiliated with a major university and medical center.

Dental Hygiene: Baccalaureate Program


        The program offers baccalaureate education to students who complete

        the certificate program.  This degree enhances students' professional

        training by providing important exposure to the broader University

        curriculum.  The combination of the basic sciences, clinical experiences,

        and liberal arts strengthens the dental hygiene education, research,

        and healthcare management/administration.

        A distinct advantage of the Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene is that a

        hygienist can practice his or her profession following receipt of a

        certificate in dental hygiene, and be employed while completing the

        requirements for the bachelor's degree.  Classes are available in the

        evening, during the day on Saturday, and through on-line and external

        studies that require only three Saturday workshops while using

        specially developed course materials.  Attendance can be on a full-time or

        part-time basis.