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Contact: Titus Schleyer, DMD, PhD: For immediate release (04/10/06)

University of Pittsburgh Center for Dental Informatics presents research at AADR/ADEA conference

The Center for Dental Informatics (CDI) at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, recently presented the results of five research projects at the joint meeting of the American Association for Dental Research ( and the American Dental Education Association ( in Orlando, FL. The meeting, held from March 8 to 11, 2006, brought together dental researchers and educators from the US and other countries.

The project presented our part of the comprehensive research program on the clinical use of computer technology at the CDI. The five studies presented as abstracts included: a survey of US general dentists on clinical computer use; an analysis of clinical information representation in current dental software applications; a study of the integration of technology in the dental office workflow; an evaluation of clinical software usability; and an analysis of the retrieval of head and neck cases from electronic radiology reports. The abstracts of the projects presented at the meeting are listed below.

Research in these areas continues at the CDI in order to improve patient care outcomes by providing better computer-based tools to support the work of dental clinicians. Current projects include designing a 3-dimensional model for information representation; developing a natural language interface for computer-based dental records; and creating and evaluating a comprehensive vocabulary for use in dentistry.

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Abstracts presented at the AADR/ADEA 2006 Annual Session:

Schleyer TKL, Thyvalikakath TP, Spallek H, Torres-Urquidy MH, Hernandez P, and Yuhaniak J. Clinical computing in general dentistry. In: Proceedings of AADR 2006. March 10, 2006; Orlando, Fl:

Hernandez P, Spallek H, Schleyer TKL. Clinical information coverage of four practice management systems. In: Proceedings of AADR 2006. March 10, 2006; Orlando, Fl:

Yuhaniak J, Torres-Urquidy MH, Schleyer TKL. Workflow and information management during charting and treatment planning. Proceedings of AADR 2006. March 10, 2006; Orlando, Fl:

Thyvalikakath TP, Schleyer TKL. Usability of the charting interface of three dental software applications. In: Proceedings of AADR 2006. March 10, 2006; Orlando, Fl:

Torres-Urquidy M, Thyvalikakath T.P., Hernandez P, Liu K, Chapman W. Evaluating NLP Tools for classifying Head and Neck radiology reports. In: Proceedings of AADR 2006. March 7, 2006; Orlando, Fl: