Center for Dental Informatics

Center for Dental Informatics Shares Research Seminars on iTunes U

Pittsburgh, September 2011 –The Center for Dental Informatics (CDI) will soon begin to distribute its seminars digitally on the University of Pittsburgh’s iTunesU site. The site will enable dental informatics enthusiasts to easily access updates on the exciting research and special events happening in the field.     

Content to be posted will include research seminars conducted at the CDI and video footage of other research and educational events relevant to the quickly growing field of dental informatics. Interested individuals can access timely updates on the various research projects being undertaken at CDI, watch presentations by prestigious informatics researchers across the country, and learn about important topics in dental informatics.     

“iTunes U allows us to reach a broader audience with important topics in dental informatics,” said Dr. Titus Schleyer, associate professor and director of the CDI. “We are hoping that this new channel helps more and more people understand how important informatics research is to dental practice, education, and research.”

Anyone can access the CDI content through the public site at After launching iTunes, users can download all podcasts or just one at a time. Users can also subscribe to the CDI channel to have new items downloaded automatically as they become available (detailed instructions for accessing CDI on iTunes U).  
iTunes U is an easy yet powerful system for universities to distribute information to students, faculty, and other learners around the world. On an iTunes U site, an institution can put digital content created by educators, which can then be easily downloaded and viewed through the iTunes application on a Mac, PC, iPod, iPad or iPhone. At present, more than 800 universities, including the University of Pittsburgh, have active iTunes U sites, which offer more than 350,000 free lectures, videos, films, and other resources from all over the world. About half of these institutions including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford, share their content for free on the iTunes Store.