Center for Dental Informatics

Contact: Titus Schleyer, DMD, PhD: For immediate release (12/22/10)

Center for Dental Informatics to present research at 2011 AADR conference

The Center for Dental Informatics (CDI) at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, is scheduled to present five posters, one symposium and one Lunch and Learning session at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Association for Dental Research in San Diego, California. The meeting, to be held from March 16-19, 2011, will bring together dental researchers and educators from the US and other countries. The presentations are:


M. Clayton, D. Ko, T. Schleyer, and T. Thyvalikakath. Time-motion study of patient care activities in dental offices.

T. Thyvalikakath, M. Song, M.J. Thoele, and Titus Schleyer.  Risk-assessment for periodontal disease: Knowledge and opinions of dental providers.

Amit Acharya, P.L. Hernandez, Thankam Thyvalikakath and Titus Schleyer. Evaluation of a Clinical Information Model for General Dentistry.

Danielle Mowery, Titus Schleyer, Henk Harkema and Wendy Chapman. Developing a Discourse Model for Charting Dictated Dental Exams.

R. Reed, H. Spallek, J. Jiang, D. He, A. Acharya, J. Close, M. Song, T. Suchow, T. Thyvalikakath, and T. Schleyer.  Developing Focused Literature Collections: A Pilot Study from Dental Informatics

W. Rush, T. Schleyer, M. Kirshner, R. Boyle, T. Thyvalikakath, H. Spallek, M.J. Thoele, S. Asche, E. Durand, C. Enstad, C. Huntley, and D.B. Rindal, Randomized Clinical Trial: Computer-Assisted Tool for Tobacco Dependence Interventions.


A. Acharya, T. Schleyer, E. Kalenderian, and M.H. Torres-Urquidy, Information Models, Terminologies and Ontologies: Current Developments in Dentistry.

Lunch and Learning:

T. Schleyer, Current Research and Training in Dental Informatics.

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