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The DMD Project is a prototype for an electronic dental record (EDR) developed by the Center for Dental Informatics. Dr. Thankam P. Thyvalikakath directed the project. With a design based on the results of a cognitive task analysis for diagnosis and treatment planning, DMD Project presents the practicing clinician with an easy-to-use, efficient touch-screen interface for accessing and reviewing patient data during examination. Supported by previous studies on the heuristic evaluation and usability evaluation of current EDRs (see below), the DMD Project presents a significant advance in EDR design over most current systems.

Prototype Demo: 3:27 min., CMU MHCI 2008

The initial design and working prototype were developed under the leadership of Drs. Thankam Thyvalikakath and Titus Schleyer by a team of Masterís students at Carnegie Mellon University as part of the Masterís in Human-Computer Interactions capstone project.

Current work on the prototype includes the incorporation of full-motion flash video of 3-D tooth and jaw structures as well as the development of a back-end database designed to store and display multiple patient cases.

Studies related to the DMD Project prototype include:

For more information about the DMD Project, please contact the Dr. Thyvalikakath.

The project was funded by the KL2 RR024154-02 grant (Clinical Research Scholar) from the NCRR, NIH and the 5K08DE018957-03 grant from the NIDCR, NIH.

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