Center for Dental Informatics: Do Research With Us!

The following research opportunities are available in the frame work of our various educational programs, such as our internships, theses and practica:

  • Usability Testing of Voice Interfaces for Practice Management Systems
    CDI researchers have constructed a usability test to evaluate current practice management system (PMS) voice modules including Dentrix, Softdent, Eaglesoft, and PracticeWorks. We would like to learn how these systems work and how accurate and efficient they are. Applicant needs good communication and interpersonal skills because he/she will be involved in conducting the study with participants. They will also need a basic understand of database entry for data management of the results.
  • Telephone Interview Study
    The goal of this project is to call dental researchers and conduct a telephone interview in order to learn about their personal information needs. All researchers have already volunteered to participate and need to be contacted to schedule this scripted 15-min interview. After completion of the interview, the provided answers need to be transcribed. Applicant needs to possess good communication skills.
  • Usability Testing of Online Community Features
    The Dental Informatics Online Community project will incorporate many advanced features to help dental researchers network with each other. The to-be-developed electronic infrastructure will be the glue bringing members of this emerging community together. New features will need to be tested before a costly development process is implemented. Paper prototyping and HTML mark-up screens used for end user testing need to be developed. Applicant needs basic Web design skills and basic understanding of Web usability. Knowledge in Human Computer Interaction research methods is helpful.
  • PHP5 and MySQL Programming
    Several small Web-based projects need to be completed using php5 and MySQL. These dynamic applications center on educational support and online learning. But, also involve our research infrastructure. Applicant would be expected to have some experience in the development of database-driven php applications. The applicant would develop specifications for the new application which often interfaces with existing applications, pilot test the usability, develop the application on a prototype server, test it and deploy it with the help of our technical staff to the production environment.
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
    For months dental researchers at CDI have been conducting bi-weekly research meetings utilizing web-conferencing software. These meetings are recorded to better understand the use of the software, its capabilities, and benefits to the geographically dispersed participants. For this project a qualitative data analysis technique must be researched to code these meeting transcripts. The transcripts will be coded and analyzed along with supplemental information from surveys. The result will be an interesting overview of the use of this cutting edge web-conferencing software.

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