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(Last update: May 10, 2013)

Please note: The Digital Vita system is now being supported and maintained by Pitt's Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) office as the Faculty Information System. For questions about it, please contact Dr. Anne Fay ([412] 624-1072 or alf96 at

Archival information:

The CTSI Research Gateway was an initiative of the University of Pittsburgh's Clinical and Translational Science Institute to provide researchers and others with better ways to find experts, collaborators and resources at the Health Sciences Center. Research Gateway consists of a suite of tools that are designed to work together and simplify common activities of researchers at Pitt. Research Gateway currently comprises the following applications:

Digital VitaDigital Vita is a research networking application that allows users to manage CV and NIH biosketch information, and to create and edit an online profile. It automatically imports data from external sources and propagates publications to co-authors. Version 2.1 of Digital Vita now allows users to build networks of colleagues they collaborate with as well as share CVs and biosketches. General information materials:

The concept and initial design of Digital Vita were developed by a team of masters students in human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. A 10-min. video illustrates the prototype:

In January 2011, we received an award for a project entitled "Digital Vita Documents for VIVO" from the VIVO Collaborative Research Projects Program to port document generation functions from Digital Vita to VIVO. A presentation about this project can be found here.

The following publications and poster presentations describe Digital Vita and the underlying research:



ExpertsExperts is a module that will provide powerful search and retrieval capabilities for Digital Vita profiles to users inside and outside of the University of Pittsburgh. Experts will facilitate flexible searching of all biomedical researchers at Pitt, allow detailed comparisons, and provide easy-to-digest and comprehensive information about individual researchers. We are currently developing the design specifications for Experts.

ToolsTools was envisioned as a comprehensive directory of resources for biomedical research at Pitt, such as core facilities, laboratories, equipment and services. The concept of Tools is being implemented by a group headed by Dr. Michael Becich, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Pitt.

At the beginning of the Research Gateway project, we intended to develop the University of Pittsburgh's Faculty Research Interests Project (FRIP; see further through a project called FRIP+. The new version of FRIP was intended to provide expertise location services in a more decision support-oriented interface. The following documents provide details about the project:

FRIP Evaluation Research Report (3/14/2008)
FRIP+ prototype (1.67 MB)
FRIP+ prototype instructions

However, because of implementation difficulties and design challenges, this effort has not been further pursued as a separate project. Instead, selected features are being integrated with the Experts project.

For more information about the Research Gateway project, please contact the project director, Dr. Titus Schleyer.