Center for Dental Informatics: Standards

The CDI participates in dental informatics standards development through the ADA/ANSI Standards Committee for Dental Informatics (SCDI). In his role as the Chair of Working Group 13.1 (Educational Software) of the SCDI, Dr. Schleyer has been instrumental in the development of the ANSI/ADA Specification No. 1001: Guidelines for the Design of Educational Software.

The Guidelines are intended to promote quality in educational software. They do so in two ways. First, developers can use them to ensure that their products are of high instructional quality during development and evaluation of their products. Second, end users can compare educational software programs with the Guidelines to recognize quality products. The Guidelines are applicable to any domain, not just the dental or medical one. Educational research opportunities on the Guidelines are available through our research program or practicum and thesis opportunities.

The CDI is also active in other working groups of the SCDI, especially those related to the data architecture and the content of electronic health records.