From Invention to Innovation: iPhone Apps as Public Health Intervention in Influenza (Miguel H. Torres-Urquidy, DDS, MS; 5/03/2012)

62:41 min (streamed); Slides; Handout (PDF, 2,360 KB)

Abstract: During large-scale influenza epidemics, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) anticipates crowding in emergency departments during the pandemic. In response, DHHS has published clinical algorithms on the Website to assist triage of potentially affected persons regarding whether they need to seek care at a clinical facility for the treatment of influenza. This project’s goal was to translate these approved algorithms into a mobile phone application to allow broader and more portable accessibility. These algorithms are intended to be used by either clinicians, or medical personnel under the supervision of a clinician. This evaluation will describe the performance of the application, as well as the lessons learned on how to construct "mobile apps" for broad utilization. The results of this evaluation should be of interest to those considering mobile apps not only as new outreach techniques but also as an innovative intervention mechanisms.

Keywords:dental informatics; research; oral health; influenza; outbreak; iPhone app; Apple; decision making; computer-based decision support

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