Karen T. Cuenco, PhD





Bridgeside Point Building

100 Technology Drive, Suite 500

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Assistant Professor

Departments of Oral Biology

Center for Craniofacial Human Genetics


Research Interests

Genetics of oral health in Appalachia, impact of oral health on systemic disease, host response to infectious agents, quantitative/genetic epidemiology and design, complex trait analyses, statistical genetics, network methods for identifying risk profiles in health.

Recent Publications

T.Cuenco K, Ottesen EA, Williams SA, Nutman TB, Steel C. Heritable factors play a major role in determining host responses to Wuchereria bancrofti infection in an isolated South Pacific island population.  Journal of Infectious Diseases 2009 200(8):1271-8. PMID: 19754310

Hodge JC*, T.Cuenco K*, Huyck KL, Somasundaram P, Panhuysen CIM, Stewart EA, Morton CC. Uterine leiomyomata and decreased height: a common HMGA2 predisposition allele. Human Genetics (e-pub Jan 9 2009). *Co-first author. PMID: 19132395

 T.Cuenco K, Friedland R, Baldwin CT, Guo J, Vardarajan B, Lunetta KL, Cupples LA, Green RC,  DeCarli C, Farrer LA for the MIRAGE Study Group. Association of TTR polymorphisms with  hippocampal atrophy in Alzheimer disease families. Epub: Neurobiology of Aging March 26 2009.  PMID: 19328595

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