Margaret Cooper, PhD




Bridgeside Point Building
100 Technology Drive, Suite 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Research Assistant Professor/Statistician

Department of Oral Biology
School of Dental Medicine

Research Interests

Oral-facial cleft families: Phenotype and Genetics:  Oral-facial clefts, particularly cleft lip with or without cleft palate (CL/P) are very common congenital anomalies. Despite years of research, the etiology of these defects is unclear. One of the reasons that prior studies have not yet succeeded may be that the cleft is not the proximate expression of the genes involved.  Therefore, in this project we are assessing multiple phenotypes in the unaffected relatives of cleft individuals in order to better define the phenotype segregating at a genetic level. The ultimate goal of these studies is to identify genes involved in the etiol­ogy of cleft lip with or without cleft palate in the U.S.

Genetics of oral health in Appalachia:  States in Appalachia (notably West Vir­ginia) have some of the worst oral health care indica­tors in the U.S. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to assess behavioral, environmental and genetic factors that influence oral health in the region, with the ultimate goal of developing intervention to reduce the disparity compared to the rest of the U.S.

Identification of maternal and fetal genetic factors in preterm birth:  Premature birth/delivery (PTD) is one of the most common conditions affecting maternal, fetal, and infant health. Despite years of research, the etiol­ogy of PTD is unclear. Therefore, the purpose of these studies is to identify maternal and fetal genetic factors involved in the etiology of PTD drawing on families from multiple sites in the U.S. and South America. Different aspects of prematurity (Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA), sepsis, effects of Vitamin D) are being explored.

Genetics of myopia: Since the prevalence of myopia among adults in America recently has been estimated to be 33% with associated annual costs on the order of $3.8 billion, myopia is a public health concern. Candidate gene studies as well as epidemiologic studies have indicated that myopia is genetic. Hereditary and environmental risk factors have been investigated and evidence suggests that vitamin D metabolism may be altered in myopia.

Genetics of Caries: The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine has a Dental Registry and DNA Repository allowing investigation of the genetics of caries as impacted on the general health of the patient. Association of caries with other medical disorders (asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, CVD), with possible environmental effects (infections, medications) and with demographic information are investigated.

Recent Publications

Silva LA, Ribeiro LA, Cooper ME, Marazita ML, Moretti-Ferreira D. Transmission analysis of candidate genes for nonsyndromic oral clefts in Brazilian parent-child triads with recurrence. Genetics and Molecular Biology 29(3):439-442, 2006.

Riley BM, Schultz RE, Cooper ME, Goldstein MT, Daack-Hirsch S, Kee KT, Dragan E, Vieira AR, Lidral AC, Marazita ML, Murray JC. A genome-wide linkage scan for cleft lip and cleft palate identifies a novel locus on 8p11-23. Am J Med Genet 143(8):846-852, 2007.

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Mutti D, Cooper ME, O'Brien S, Jones L, Marazita ML, Murray JC, and Zadnik K.   Candidate gene and locus analysis of myopia. Molecular Vision 13:1012-1019, 2007 PMID: 17653045.

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Steffen KM, Cooper ME, Shi M, Caprau D, Simhan HN, Dagle JM, Marazita ML, Murray JC.  Maternal and fetal variation in genes of cholesterol metabolism is associated with preterm delivery.  Journal of Perinatology, 27(11):672-680, 2007 [2007 Sep13; Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 17855807

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Patir A, Seymen F, Yildirim M, Deeley K, Cooper ME, Marazita ML, Vieira AR.  Enamel formation genes are associated with high caries experience in Turkish Children.  Caries Research 42:394-400, 2008, PMID: 18781068

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Rahimov F, Marazita, ML., Visel A, Cooper ME, Hitchler MJ, Rubini M, Domann FE, Govil M, Christensen K, Bille C, Mads M, Jugessur A, Lie RT, Wilcox, AJ, Fitzpatrick DR, Green ED, Murray JC.  Disruption of an AP-2α Binding Site in an IRF6 Enhancer is Strongly Associated with Cleft Lip. Nature Genetics, 40(11):1341-1347, 2008 [Oct 5 Epub ahead of print], PMID: 18836445.

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Mohamed S, Schaa K, Cooper ME, Ahrens E, Alvarado A, Colaizy T, Marazita ML, Murray JC, Dagle JM, Genetic contributions to the development of retinopathy of prematurity. Pediatr Res, 65(2):193-7, 2009. PMID: 18787502