Department of Prosthodontics

To become a patient in the Prosthodontic Residency Program you must be referred in writing from within the School of Dental Medicine, or from an outside dentist/physician.  The referral must be accompanied by appropriate radiographs (minimally a Panorex and/or full mouth series).

The first visit is usually planned as an initial examination to determine your overall treatment needs. The fee for this initial visit is $35.00. Any x-rays taken will be an additional cost. The cost will depend on the type and number of x-rays required.

At this appointment, you will receive a comprehensive examination both intra-orally and extra-orally. Your medical, dental, social, and surgical history will be completed. X-rays (panoramic or peri-apical) will be taken. Your initial examination will be conducted by resident(s) and attending Prosthodontic faculty.

Please allow at least one hour for your initial appointment. Appointments can be made by calling (412) 648-8616, or in person at one of the appointment desks. You may be asked questions by the patient scheduler about your dental history.

Please bring with you the name(s) and dosage(s) of any medications you are currently taking. Photo identification and all insurance information must also be brought with you. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow for registration.

General Patient Information
FAQs for Prosthodontic Residency Patients