Department of Pediatric Dentistry: Curriculum

The predoctoral curriculum and clinical activities in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the School of Dental Medicine are quite extensive and expose students to the full scope of pediatric dentistry theories and principles. The pediatric dentistry didactic curriculum begins in the second year of predoctoral studies. There is a fifteen-week preclinical program that culminates in the student's ability to enter the clinic to treat appropriately screened pediatric dental patients. Students gain clinical experience under full supervision of our faculty in preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, pulp therapy, space maintenance, child management, and in other areas of interest.

As an enhancement to the required predoctoral coursework, the department offers one selective course. The Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Selective gives fourth-year predoctoral students the instruction in advanced behavioral management techniques and the use of conscious sedation in the management of more complex pediatric dental patients.  Independent Study is also available for enrollment.

The following are the Department's course listings for the predoctoral program:

2nd Year Fall Term PEDENT 5211 Lecture Course
2nd Year Spring Term PEDENT 5242 Preclinical Laboratory Course
2nd Year Spring Term PEDENT 5253 Lecture Course
2nd Year Summer Term PEDENT 5279 Lecture Course
3rd Year Fall Term PEDENT 5315 Lecture Course
3rd Year Summer Term PEDENT 5379 Clinic
4th Year Spring Term PEDENT 5449 Clinic