Gainful Employment Disclosure

Department of Education - Gainful Employment Initiative
  This Advanced Education Program prepares students to enter the occupation of Pediatric Dentistry
SOC: 29-1029  
OPEID:   003379  
O*NET: 32105B  
CIP: 51.0509    
Credential Level: 04
Program Costs      
  Tuition   38,668.00  
  Instruments 3,164.00  
  University Fees 1,110.00  
  Departmental Profession Fees                80.00  
  Books, Supplies, Materials                    500.00  
  Maximum Living Allowance                  20,000.00  
  Adjustment for Loan Fees                     872.00  
  Total PA   64,394  
  Total OS   73,496  

Number of students who completed the Program during the most recently completed award year for which information is available:      2
Job placement rate for students completing the Program during the most recent year for which information is available: 100%
Median of Title IV Funds (including Stafford sub/unsub and Grad PLUS)
  Academic Year 2010-2011:    117,291
  Academic Year 2009-2010:   103,463