Department of Prosthodontics: Contact


Potential patients may contact either the Prosthodontic Residency Clinic at (412) 648-8870 or the School of Dental Medicine scheduling phone line at (412) 648-8616 to arrange for an initial screening appointment.

Potential residents should access the School of Dental Medicine website for application information.  The Department of Prosthodontics refers potential applicants to the  Residency_Programs web page.  Applications to the residency program are accepted through PASS or the self managed application which is available at  The department maintains a yearly cut off date of November.


Robert L. Engelmeier, DMD, MS
Chair, Department of Prosthodontics
University of Pittsburgh
School of Dental Medicine
Room 2025 Salk Hall
3501 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15261
(412) 648-8840

(412) 648-8850