Department of Prosthodontics: Curriculum

First Professional: The educational experience in the Department of Prosthodontics provides training for dental students to become competent in the areas of removable, fixed, and implant restoration.  This is based upon didactic, preclinical simulation, and monitored clinical experiences.  Prosthodontics, as presented, will afford the dental students clinical skills to successfully practice this area in general dentistry.  The program will develop confidence in practice and life-long learning skills.

Advanced Training: This program provides in-depth didactic and clinical experiences that inspire residents to become proficient in removable, fixed, and implant prosthodontics.  The in-depth program curriculum allows the residents to gain the knowledge and experience to become a specialist.  One of the goals of the program is to provide the support and accumulation of prosthodontic skills to successfully complete the American Board of Prosthodontics' examination.  Another goal is to encourage the residents to pursue teaching and positively contribute to the specialty of prosthodontics.