Family Interactions


With respect to the family and community, we plan to
  • Examine the roles of the social network, social support, socioeconomic status, community standards, and health knowledge dispersion
  • Determine the transmissibility of health attitudes and behaviors

Recent Papers and Presentations

1. Crout RJ, McNeil DW, Wenger SL, Wearden S, Weyant RJ. Cardiovascular risk evaluation of families in a rural WV population. 81st General Session of the International Association of Dental Research, June 2003, Goteborg Sweden, J of Dental Research 82: B-266. [abstract]

2. Marazita ML, Weyant RJ, Tarter R, Crout RJ, McNeil DW, Thomas J. Family-based paradigm for investigations of oral health disparities. Oral platform presentation, 83rd Annual Meeting of the International Association for Dental Research/34th Annual meeting of the American Association of Dental Research, March 9-12, 2005, Baltimore, MD. [abstract]