With respect to microbes, we plan to
  • Determine their transmissibility
  • Identify pathological patterns of microbial infection
  • Investigate microbial diversity in the individual and at the family level

Recent Papers and Presentations

1. Bretz W, Thomas J, Weyant R, Crout R, McNeil D, Tarter R. Development of a familial liability index for oral microbial status in Appalachia. Poster presentation, the National Oral Health Conference, American Association of Public Health Dentistry, April 2001, Portland, OR. [abstract]

2. Thomas J, Bretz WA, Crout RJ, McNeil DW, Weyant RJ, Marazita ML. Creating an oral microbial signature for a rural Appalachian population. Poster presentation, 83rd Annual Meeting of the International Association for Dental Research/34th Annual meeting of the American Association of Dental Research, March 9-12, 2005, Baltimore, MD. [abstract]

3. Thomas JG, Gray DM, Nakaishi LA, Crout R, McNeil DW, Weyant RJ, Marazita ML. 3 species oral microbial signature from two rural populations. Poster presentation, 35th annual meeting of the American Association of Dental Research, March 8-11, 2006, Orlando, Florida, J Dental Research 85 (Spec Issue A):2125, 2006. [abstract]

4. Polk DE, Weyant RJ, McNeil DW, Crout RJ, Thomas JG, Marazita ML. Socioeconomic status and oral pathogenic load. Poster presentation, 63rd annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, March 2-5, 2005, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Psychosom Med Jan-Feb;67(1):A83, 2005. [abstract]

5. Thomas, JG, Gray, D, Nakaishi, L, Crout, R, & Marazita, M Unmasking Candida albicans as an Emerging Oral Microbial Signature. Submitted to IADR 2007 Conference.[abstract]