Departmental Research

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

As part of the Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedics Residency Program, a research project is a graduation requirement. The following are titles of projects completed or in progress:

  • The Effects of Common Carbonated Beverages on the Force Decay of Elastomeric Chain
  • The Effects of Postnatal Hyperthyroidism on Coronal Suture Complexity in Rabbits with Familial, Delayed-Onset Craniosynostosis
  • The Force Decay of Orthodontics Elastomeric Chains
  • The Force Deflection Properties of Variable Length Niti Coils Used for Canine Retraction
  • The Genetics of Craniofacial Dimensions
  • A Laboratory Comparison of Force Generation and Decay Between Niti Coil and Power Chain
  • The Assessment of Force Decay in Elastomeric Chains: Pigmented versus Non-Pigmented and Closed versus Narrow Styles
  • Comparing 3D MDface Digital Sterephotogrammetry and 2D Facial Photography to Real Life Facial Form Analysis for Orthodontics Diagnosing and Treatment Planning
  • Facial Soft Tissue with Botox Treatment of the Gummy Smile and Perioral Dynamic Rhytids

First professional students and residents are encouraged to participate in existing projects or pursue individual research projects with faculty mentors.