Departmental Research

Pediatric Dentistry

As part of the Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program, a research project is a graduation requirement. The following are titles of projects completed, or in progress, in the last five years:

  • Post-sedation Adverse Events in Patients Undergoing General Anesthesia
  • The Association Between Reported Adolescent High Risk Behaviors and Orofacial Trauma
  • Survey of Senior Pediatric Dental Residents' Attitudes Toward Treatment of Patients with Developmental Disabilities
  • Oral Home Care Practices for Children and Adolescents with an Autism Spectrum Disorder:  A Descriptive Survey
  • Contemporary Parents' Attitudes and Reasons for Acceptance of General Anesthesia for Dental Treatment
  • Efficacy of Ferric Sulfate and Formocresol Combined Therapy in Pulpotomy of Primary Molars
  • Ectodermal Dysplasia Syndromes:  Etiology, clinical presentation, and dental management considerations for pediatric patients
  • Parental Attitudes Towards Pediatric Dentists Discussing Childhood Obesity
  • Risk Factors for Early Childhood Caries:  A Retrospective Study