Departmental Research

Residents in the department are encouraged to pursue research projects and have contributed to national and international meetings for organizations in their specialty. Several are enrolled in the master's degree program in public health, or the master's degree in dental science.

The residents have made strong presentations at the Academy of Osseointegration national meeting the past several years.

Dr. Pouran Famili, chair and program director, works consistently on a research agenda related to oral bone and general periodontal health. A current primary research interest is the relationship between obesity, diabetes, and periodontal health.

Dr. Famili also serves as co-investigator for two National Institutes of Health-funded research projects investigating systemic osteoporosis, for which the residents provide dental clearances for subjects. Dr. Famili personally is prospectively researching dental implant survival in women with osteoporosis who have been dosing longer than six months with oral bisphosphonates. This project is possible with product support from implant manufacturer NobelBiocare.

Assistant professor Kelly Williams DMD participates with Principal Investigator Dr. Alexandre Vieira on his sponsored research, Oral Microbiome of Digestive Diseases.