Student Research

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine has a long history of facilitating interactions between dental students and researchers at the university. Opportunities are available for students in many different aspects of dental research, including craniofacial genetics, tissue regeneration, informatics, public health, and other fields.

In addition to the academic rewards and contribution to the dental profession, many students who conduct research have opportunities to share their projects and results at national meetings and conferences. These events provide an excellent experiences to learn from and network with colleagues. Students involved with research can also compete for awards, scholarships, and other opportunities at the university.

To be involved in research, students must maintain good academic standing.

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         Student Testimonials: Learn from current and past students who have

         participated in research at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental  

         Medicine. Discover about the rewards of supplementing your dental

         education with a gratifying research experience.

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        Student Research Guide at Pitt: An important process at the University of

        Pittsburgh is the Institutional Review Board. All students conducting research

        will learn policies and guideline established by the university to ensure high

        quality research.

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        Contact a Research Representative: Both students and faculty are available

        to answer your questions about student research.   

        List of Student Mentors




        Deans Summer Scholarship: Incoming students are provided with an 

        opportunity to experience a three-month research experience during their

        summer before starting dental school.

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        Student Research Group: The SRG is a student-run organization whose   

        purpose is to foster the environment of student research. The SRG provides

        several unique benefits to student researchers.

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        Dental Public Health Project Clearing House: The DPH Project

        Clearinghouse is available for the public to facilitate interaction between

        researchers or project managers with available research projects/data and

        students looking for research data to support residency projects or

        masters/doctoral theses work.

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        Student Participation at the Annual Symposium: Every year, students

        active in research are asked to present their finding during a research

        symposium attended by all dental faculty and staff. Learn more about past 

        students who have presented their research by following the link below.

        Past Annual Research Symposiums