School of Dental Medicine Dean Search

Following the announcement that Dr. Thomas Braun will step down as Dean of the School of Dental Medicine, effective January 31, 2018, the University of Pittsburgh is conducting a search for a new dean. All interested parties are invited to review the information below, including the search committee members and the full job description.


Search Committee

Community Survey

The committee invites Pitt community members and friends to share thoughts and feedback regarding the next dean through a Community Survey.



Since the search began, the search committee has:

  • Directly contacted hundreds of potential candidates and candidate sources
  • Received 35 official applications, including international candidates
  • Conducted 15 interviews to determine which applicants should visit campus


Interview Questions

Below are examples of some of the questions asked during the interview process:

  • In terms of the integrated board examination, how can we better integrate basic sciences into clinical dental education?
  • What curricular changes would you institute to prepare for the integrated boards?
  • How would you ensure that the School of Dental Medicine’s research success continues and expands, and in which research areas might you plan to invest?
  • What is your view of integrating the education of dental hygiene students with dental students?
  • What is your view of integrating basic sciences education for both dental and medical students?
  • What steps would you take to optimize clinical education at Pitt, including building and retaining a robust patient population?
  • How do you build team consensus and group buy-in for a vision? Please describe examples.
  • What specific actions have you initiated in current or previous positions to enhance diversity and inclusion?
  • What is your vision of dental care in the next decade, and what can we do now to better prepare Pitt graduates?
  • What steps might you take to increase dental care in under-served areas?
  • How might Pitt best address oral health care disparities?
  • What is your view of tenure and the tenure process, especially as they relate to clinical faculty?
  • How can we best recruit and retain diverse faculty and students?
  • In the current environment of restricted funding, how do you achieve development and fundraising goals?
  • How can we best maintain evidence-based dentistry in the curriculum, especially in light of technological developments and continual shifts toward digital dentistry?
  • What steps can we take to foster interprofessionalism and increase the general recognition that dental health is intricately linked with overall physical health?
  • How might you collaborate and enhance relationships with the other robust health sciences programs on Pitt’s campus?
  • What role can dental schools play in advocating for policy changes to improve patient access to dental care?
  • How do you bridge the gap between dental research and clinical practice?
  • Why are you interested in becoming a dean, specifically at Pitt?
Additional information is forthcoming.