Personal Message

The School of Dental Medicine is indeed fortunate to have the dedication and commitment of its faculty, staff, students, and alumni. From those who are consistently exploring the horizons of knowledge through research, to those who are revising our curriculum and clinic function with an eye toward the future of the profession as part of the total health care team, the recent edition of Pitt Dental Medicine highlights those people and their efforts.

We get glimpses of this dedication by two individuals who are retiring after years of unselfish service to the school and its educational programs. The continuing dental education area will undergo a change in leadership with the retirement of Dr. Gene Ewing (DDS ‘53) and with Dr. Bert Milligan stepping in to carry on our educational outreach efforts. The Dental Hygiene Program and the school have benefited from the tireless commitment, good judgment, and sense of humor provided by Ms. Judy Gallagher.

Perhaps the most subtle but representative of the school’s “family” is the anonymous, generous gift of over $1 million by a dedicated, committed, and altruistic donor.

The school has a continued admiration for our large military presence and our veterans. We commend these individuals for their service and thank them for their sacrifice. Our alumni, faculty, staff, and students have provided an impressive network of support for their exceptional commitments.

Assuring the advancement of oral health knowledge, our faculty and staff have diligently worked for over two years to accomplish a recently approved MS, PhD program in Oral Biology, which will begin in 2012. This will contribute to the next generation of academic dentists.

This year has also seen recognition of the school’s initiatives and consistent commitment of its clinical and research faculty by the Board of Visitors (Brian Generalovich, DDS ‘68, chair) and the University of Pittsburgh Trustees Health Sciences Committee (Robert Lovett, chair).

Our students continue to be a source of pride, even so early in their careers, attaining research awards, committing their careers to the service of the less fortunate, and representing the school so well locally and nationally. We hope that you can join us to recognize our impressive students at the 12th Annual Dean’s Scholarship Ball on March 31, 2012, which we are excited to announce will be held at Phipps Conservatory.

While the School of Dental Medicine faces substantial challenges in the coming year with reduction of the research budget by the NIH, reduction of the Commonwealth appropriation, and limitation of Medicaid dental services by the Commonwealth, I am confident that the same dedication and commitment that has advanced our school to this point will continue to carry us well into the future.

Best regards,

Thomas W. Braun, DMD ’73, MS ’73, PhD ’77
Professor and Dean