First Professional DMD Program

Dental Anesthesiology

The pre-doctoral curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine offers extensive experiences in anesthesiology that are unique. Our institution supports a dedicated Department of Dental Anesthesiology that serves to train dental students in the use of local, sedative, and general anesthesia via many routes and varied techniques to serve the entire patient population. Our department is also responsible for affording the dental student experiences and academic training in the management of medical emergencies. Your training in this area can be rivaled by no other dental school in the world!

The Department of Dental Anesthesiology also offers elective coursework in the area of pain and anxiety management. Sixteen third year students are selected to participate in an intensive intravenous sedation course that involves a serious academic and clinical commitment. The student participates in a weekly didactic conference for 14 months. The subject material is based upon the pharmacologic and physiologic principals of anesthesia as applied to clinical practice.

In addition, the student will experience and effectively manage the anesthetic care of patients in our outpatient dental clinic on a weekly basis, under the supervision of a faculty member. Experiences will encompass the anesthetic management of children, adults, the geriatric patient, the medically compromised patient, and the special needs patient. Upon successful completion of this elective, students are eligible for state licensure in the area of intravenous and inhalational conscious-sedation. We are the only dental school in this country to offer this experience and training to the pre-doctoral student.

All pre-doctoral students will benefit from course work in the areas of Local Anesthetics, Nitrous Oxide Conscious-Sedation, Advanced Pain and Anxiety Control, Medical Emergency Management, Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Internal Medicine for Dentistry.

In 2001, the Department of Dental Anesthesiology introduced the didactic courses Clinical Medicine I & II. These lectures are intended to introduce and familiarize the pre-doctoral student with common medical disease states, pathology, pharmacopia, and surgery options that face an ever changing population of medically compromised dental patients. Our contribution to the curriculum is meant to better prepare the graduate dentist to manage pain, anxiety, and medical compromise.