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Receiving your doctorate in Dental Medicine requires many years of education, training and discipline.  Due to the growing educational expenses that dental students encounter, Pitt Dental Alumni have established several endowed scholarship funds to help alleviate the financial burden.  Each scholarship fund has its own criteria, offering a partial scholarship.  An application for scholarship funds will be made available at the time of interview.

Loan Programs

Federal Direct Stafford Student Loan

The federal Direct Stafford Student Loan program is the most widely used student loan program for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in borrowing to help meet educational expenses.  Borrowing limits, interest rates and terms of repayment are determined and regulated by the US Department of Education.  The 2014-15 Academic Year interest rate for unsubsidized Stafford loans is fixed at 6.21%.  Repayment begins six month following graduation.  This is the initial source of financial assistance for all students, and will be assumed in all award packaging.  Further information may be obtained by visiting https://studentloans.gov.

Health Professions Loan
This loan has an interest rate of 5%, and is subsidized while the student maintains at least half-time enrollment status. Award amounts vary and are determined by parental income, class costs, financial status, and account balance. Repayment of this loan begins twelve months after graduation, with a maximum repayment period of ten years. In order to qualify for this loan, you will need to submit a copy of your parent's tax return (1040/A/EZ) regardless of your age or marital status. There is no exception to this requirement.

Alternative Loans
If the Direct Stafford Loan and Health Professions Loan are not enough to cover all expenses an Alternative Loan is the next type of loan offered for consideration. They generally have variable rates and are unsubsidized loans.

Terms and conditions vary from lender to lender.  It is the student's responsibility to research the loan that best suits their need.