Student Testimonials

Academic Career Track Area of Concentration (ACT ARCO)

Student Testimonial: Dr. Ashley Lazar, Class of 2018

Ashley graduated from the of the ACT ARCO  program in 2018 and is completing a fellowship or oral surgery.


Student Testimonial: Dr. Aaema Athar, Class of 2016

Aaema was one of the first graduates of the ACT ARCO  program

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partake in such a great program. It has been a rewarding experience and has made dental school a lot more enjoyable for me. I appreciate all of your and Dr. Wankiiri‐Hale's guidance. ACT ARCO certainly deserves the positive attention it is receiving!"

Student Testimonial: Dr. Mandana Shaya, Class of 2015

Mandana was one of the first graduates of the ACT ARCO  program

Clinical Teaching Practicum

Information About the Course

Dr. Zsuzsa Horvath, Course Director


Student Testimonial: Dr. Nicholas Riccio, Class of 2013

Nick helped with clinical teaching in Dr. Mandradjieff’s course RESTD 5216 Endodontics 1 Lab 

Teaching Practicum Testimonial: Nicholas Riccio from Pitt School of Dental Medicine on Vimeo.

Student Testimonial: Dr. Cassidy Budd, Class of 2013

Cassidy helped with clinical teaching in Dr. Matuszak’s course RESTD 5147 Principles of Operative Dentistry 1 Lab


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