Office of Faculty Affairs

The primary charge of the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) is to assist the School of Dental Medicine in realizing its full potential as a leading, learning institution in dental education. The OFA offers programs in response to the needs of the faculty and is in alignment with the strategic directions of the School of Dental Medicine by serving faculty, staff and students. The guiding principles for all service activities for our school are to create and sustain a culture of teaching excellence, respond to individual faculty needs, transforming our students from dependent learners to collaborating clinicians and researchers, promote scholarship, advance new initiatives, encourage innovation and improve teaching and learning.

The OFA plays a crucial role during all of the career stages of our faculty members: from the creation of a position, to forming a search committee, to interviewing candidates, to making the appointment, to mentoring new faculty, to the professional advancement and promotion, and finally to the retirement of the faculty member. Services provided include administrative support for faculty appointments, promotions, and tenure committees; administrative support for searches, contracts and appointment letters; developing faculty policies; mentoring and providing support and career advice for faculty; overseeing the annual faculty evaluation process; handling grievances; training in evidence-based teaching; supporting the credentialing process of faculty, staff and students; and identifying faculty for training and leadership opportunities.

Activities of the OFA are guided by broad input from faculty, staff and students, and we strive for transparency regarding decision-making processes. Providing a wide spectrum of career opportunities to a diverse set of students and faculty is a priority, such as creating a pipeline for new faculty addressing the national shortage of clinical educators. Faculty development is the foundation of OFA’s service activities.

Our Appointment, Tenure and Promotion Guidelines are available to the public.