Care Coordination Issues in Diabetes and Oral Health

Gandara Care Coordination Issues in Diabetes and Oral Health 08102012 from Center for Dental Informatics on Vimeo.



Abstract: Evidence that oral tissues and systemic health are bi-directionally related in diabetic patients is supported by data in an increasing number of publications. These include periodontal and oral mucosal changes, salivary dysfunction, and sensory changes such as burning mouth symptoms.
However, lack of organized coordination of care between dentists and medical doctors presents a barrier to comprehensive management of patients with diabetes.  The first goal of this Webinar is to give the audience an overview of oral manifestations of diabetes that can be easily recognized by all health care providers either by history or clinical appearance.  A second goal is to discuss the groundwork that is necessary to support communication between medical and dental providers. This will require standardized and customized workflows to optimize care coordination for patients with diabetes.   A proposed model is presented.

Keywords:dental informatics; diabetes; oral manifestations; oral-systemic connection; interprofessional collaboration;