CIOHTR Research Program Participants

Former Research Program Participants

Aaron Lazuka, BS

Currently: Participant in the Dental Informatics Research Program
7/2009-Present: Bachelor's Degree in Bioinformatics
Personal Statement: "As an undergraduate student planning to attend dental school I wanted to combine my unique Bioinformatics background with dentistry. This internship has made this possible by providing a unique outlook on dentistry through an informatics research prospective. This program is the perfect way for me to take my passion for Bioinformatics and combine it with my passion for dentistry and learn how to apply it to real world research."

André  Correia, DMD

Currently: Lecturer in Dental Informatics, School of Dental Medicine, Portuguese Catholic University
Personal Statement: "With dental informatics, I have combined my clinical practice as a dentist with my favorite hobby, informatics. Since my studies at Porto Dental School, dental informatics has always been a part of my research and clinical practice. The Portuguese Catholic University gave me the opportunity to teach dental informatics and the Porto Dental School supported my PhD studies with CAD-CAM systems. These two endeavors made it possible to establish a cooperation with the Center for Dental Informatics in the University of Pittsburgh. Under Dr. Schleyer's and Dr. Spallek's mentorship, I have completed a research program at the CDI which enhanced my skills in dental informatics and helped me start the implementation of CDI projects in Portuguese-speaking countries."

Papavramidis Efthymios, DDS

Currently: Trainee Orthodontics Department - University Clinic Kiel, Germany
Personal Statement: "I have been following computer-related technologies closely for more than 15 years and have been involved in various projects. It comes natural to me to find ways to utilize innovative technologies in my work as a dentist. At the Center for Dental Informatics, I found people with passion for their work who really inspired me. I had the chance to meet top-notch researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. My work in the Center's 3D visualization project was a fulfilling and rewarding experience."