CIOHTR Visiting Scholars

Former Visiting Scholars

Amit Acharya, BDS, PhD

Currently: Dental Informatics Scientist at the Biomedical Informatics Research Center, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
8/1995-12/2000: Bachelors of Dental Surgery, Govt. Dental College, India
8/2001-12/2004: Master's Degree in Computer Science, Western Kentucky University, KY
1/2005-12/2009: Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics, UMDNJ, NJ
10/2006-09/2009: Visiting Scholar, Center for Dental Informatics, University of Pittsburg, PA
Personal Statement: "Trained as a dentist and a computer scientist, I chose to develop expertise in the field of biomedical informatics to deal with the several ongoing challenges that healthcare is facing.
The Center for Dental Informatics (CDI) provided an excellent opportunity for me to further my research knowledge and apply it to the field of dental and medical informatics. It was an honor to work with Dr. Schleyer, Dr. Spallek and their outstanding team at the CDI. During my time at CDI, I was very fortunate to collaborate with some of the elite researchers in the discipline of dental and biomedical informatics at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond.
In my current role as a Dental Informatics Scientist at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation’s Biomedical Informatics Research Center, my main focus is on conducting high quality, independent, and original research in the field of Dental Informatics. Also, work closely with the IS development team on the specifications, implementation and evaluation of the dental module for the EHR and other clinical information systems.
My main area of interest lies in design and architecture of electronic health records with focus on electronic dental records, developing clinical decision supports and expert systems, information modeling and developing ontologies and terminologies, binding coded data sets of values to the different segments of electronic record architecture, principles of evidence based practices and knowledge development and representation.".

Jian Hu, DDS

Currently: Associate Professor in Wuhan University, China,
9/1996-5/2006: Doctoral Degree in Clinical Dentistry (China)
11/2009-6/2010: Visiting Scholar at the CDI, University of Pittsburgh
Personal Statement: "I have trained as a dentist for 10 years. At the same time, I have been trying to develop expertise and skills in dental informatics as a further goal in my career. Unfortunately, the emerging interdisciplinary field of dental informatics has gained relatively little attention and interest in China. Some of my colleagues, students and I are trying to change this. The CDI at the University of Pittsburgh is assisting us in this long-term goal. Now, I am provided a golden opportunity to work with those nice and excellent fellows here in Pittsburgh. Dr. Schleyer, as my current advisor, has given me lots of support ever since we initially got to know each other via the Internet in 2005. Currently, I am working on a 3D dental record project at the CDI. I do not know what I will accomplish in the very short period of six months here, but I will do my best to make this start worthwhile. I will never give up what I have chosen, because my colleagues in China, my students and I strongly believe in what we are doing, and in the impact of dental informatics on clinical work."