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The Pain Care Pledge (PCP)™ 

A Commitment to Responsible Pain Management 

As a conscientious healthcare professional, the immediate and long-term health of each patient is my highest priority. It is incumbent on me to evaluate all options regarding effective and safe treatment of acute pain for those patients who require administration of medications or other strategies to mitigate and treat their discomfort. Therefore, I make the following commitment to my colleagues and to those in my care for whom pain treatment remedies are required. 

  • I believe that the health of each patient is my paramount concern when considering appropriate treatments and therapies. 

  • I recognize that addiction to opioids and other addictive narcotic substances is a critical health problem for many individuals, families, and communities as well as a public health crisis that my profession can conscientiously effect. 

  • I will treat patients with the utmost respect and compassion when evaluating and choosing their pain treatment options. 

  • I will carefully consider and employ ethical and prudent decision making regarding the safe and effective prescription of pain medications and therapies for my patients. This includes taking The Guidelines for Prescribing Pain Medications™ (The Guidelines) and the most current, evidence-based recommendations into account. 

  • I will make distinct and personalized choices to determine the best available options for each individual patient. 

  • For the good of patients, families and communities, I am committed to consciously avoiding the preferential use of narcotic pain and other addictive medications whenever possible as based upon the most current wisdom and principles.

In accordance with my Oath as a healthcare professional, I hereby pledge to hold myself to the principles of The Pain Care Pledge™ and the highest ethical standards regarding medication prescription. 


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