Dental Informatics Research Seminar: Developing Infrastructure, Critical Mass and Member Engagement in e-Communities: The Experience of the Dental Informatics Online Community

The Development of the Dental Informatics Online Community, The Challenge of Engaging Members, and Strategies for Improvements from Center for Dental Informatics on Vimeo.

Abstract: The Dental Informatics Online Community (DIOC) is a Web community that provides resources, fosters relationships, disseminates information, and is a general hub for dental informatics information online. Since 2005, the DIOC has grown into a personalizable community which includes a learning center, publication archive, member directory, project directory, discussion forum, links to resources, and provides news via links, emails and social media. Membership is currently at 1,206 members and at this stage, we will focus on engaging members and encouraging participation. One of the greatest challenge is fostering the creation of member-driven content. To date, our strategies included activity-based incentives, personalized updates, and free giveaways. Future strategies include additional tailored personal contact, encouraging members to advertise job openings and news to their benefit, and taking advantage of social media.

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Keywords: dental informatics; online community; management; functionality; evolution; review