Initial Outcomes Assessment in Journal of Dental Education

Read about our initial outcomes assessment: Zsuzsa Horvath, Sarah E. Albani, and Christine Wankiiri-Hale. Training Future Dentists for an Academic Career: A Three-Tiered Model.
J Dent Educ. 2016; 80:502-516

The University Times reported in the “Research Notes ” that the article has been selected as one of the 2016 Top Articles in the Journal of Dental Education.  


Our paper was referenced in the editorial in the same issue:
"In this issue of the Journal of Dental Education, you will read about one dental school’s innovative approach that exchanges the pipeline model for a “stream” model. 6 These educators at the University of Pittsburgh understand that a more effective way for dental schools to grow their own future faculty is not by hoping a student is somehow motivated to enter a pipeline, but by creating a steady, flowing stream of opportunities—flexible enough for all students to take part in and visible so that all members of the academic community can be engaged. Rather than focusing solely on students themselves, this shift creates an overall climate in dental schools that valorizes academic careers and encourages students to pursue them.]"
"Based on this evaluation, the ADEA ADCFP was restructured in 2015 to address the overall climate for pursuing careers in academic dental institutions. If schools are to grow their own, the soil in which the plant grows needs nutrients. To that end, the new ADCFP focuses on 1) the institution rather than the student, to improve the climate; 2) the attractiveness and value of pursing an academic career, rather than addressing a faculty shortage (who wants to be told you should pursue a career in academia because no one else is!); and 3) robust interaction among the students, the faculty, and the overall institution. The ultimate goal is to create a positive and engaging experience for student mentees, while simultaneously creating as a hub an identifiable place in each institution for all students interested in pursuing academic dental careers. The Pittsburgh program described in this issue of the JDE reflects those same values."

Anthony M. Palatta. From Pipeline to Mainstream: Increasing the Number of Dental Students and Residents Pursuing Academic Careers.
J Dent Educ. 2016; 80:499-501