Oral Biology Graduate Program Simultaneous Degree Option

Predoctoral applicants are encouraged to enter the PhD or MS Graduate Programs in Oral Biology. At the present time, the PhD and MS programs in Oral Biology are simultaneous but independent degrees from the predoctoral dental program in the School of Dental Medicine.

Applicants to the dental predoctoral program with an interest in the Oral Biology Graduate Programs should indicate their interest in applying to either the PhD or MS programs on their ADEA AADSAS dental application, and provide an essay explaining their reasons for applying to the Graduate Program. Once accepted into the Oral Biology Graduate Program, each student will develop an individual study plan in consultation with the Graduate program directors. After successfully completing the first three years of the PhD program, students will transfer to the four-year predoctoral program. The student can apply for advanced standing status in the Oral Biology Graduate Program and transfer up to 6 credits from their dental curriculum as described in the “General Regulations” section of this manual on pursuing Two Independent Degree Programs Simultaneously (Regulations Governing Graduate Study at the University of Pittsburgh). Predoctoral students entering the Oral Biology Graduate Programs will be subject to all requirements and regulations described above.

For more information about the simultaneous degree option at the School of Dental Medicine, please contact the Department of Oral Biology.