Oral Biology Graduate Program Simultaneous Degree Option

Promising School of Dental Medicine First Professional DMD Program students, and residents, are encouraged to enter the PhD or MS Programs in Oral Biology. At the present time, the PhD and MS programs are independent degrees apart from the First Professional DMD and Advanced Dental Education Residency Programs in the School of Dental Medicine. In the future we anticipate developing joint/dual-degree programs.

DMD Students will follow the normal application and admission instructions and procedures described in the Oral Biology Graduate Program. Once accepted into the Oral Biology Graduate Program and successfully completing part I of their National Dental Boards, they will matriculate in the fall semester of what would be the beginning of their third year. DMD students will take a leave of absence from the School of Dental Medicine (two years for MS students, three years for PhD students) and enter their graduate training as described above. The students may apply for advanced standing and transfer up to six credits from their dental curriculum as described in the General Regulations section on pursuingĀ Two Independent Degree Programs Simultaneously at the University of Pittsburgh.

DMD students in the graduate program will follow all requirements for the PhD or MS programs. Upon completion of the program an individualized two-week pre-clinical hand-skills refresher course will be taken before they return to their clinical training.

It is anticipated that MS students will have completed their research and defended their theses before they reenter their third year. Dental students enrolled in the PhD program will likely still be collecting data and finishing up their dissertation projects during the last two years of their clinical training. Third- and fourth-year dental students are given time each semester to take elective courses. First-professional students in the PhD program will devote this time to completing their research.

For more information about the simultaneous degree option at the School of Dental Medicine, please contact the Department of Oral Biology here.