Our Mission

The overarching mission of the Center for Informatics in Oral Health Translational Research (CIOHTR) is to support research and education aimed at improving delivery of dental care and patient outcomes, as well as treatment of oral and maxillofacial conditions, particularly those related to systemic health.

To accomplish this, the Center endorses the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute to improve translation of research findings from 'bench to bedside.' Specifically, the Center focuses on strategies to improve the uptake and application of high quality evidence in patient care through development and testing of best practices derived from dissemination and implementation science.

CIOHTR is expanding past the scope of CDI by building upon its worldwide reputation for fostering creative research on translational problems from an informatics perspective. The Center is increasing its faculty affiliations and resources to address larger problems, such as how to build a learning health system responsive to research findings to improve timely delivery of quality oral healthcare. In support of this larger vision, we are strengthening and expanding our current collaborations both within and outside of the University.

Our Collaborations

Below is a list of internal and external organizations working the CIOHTR to meet is research objectives.

  • Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry, American Dental Association
  • Council on Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association
  • Consortium for Oral Health Research and Informatics
  • HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research
  • The Cochrane Collaboration
  • Clinical & Translational Science Institute, University of Pittsburgh
  • Department¬†for Biomedical Informatics, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research Core, University of Pittsburgh
  • McGowan Center for Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh