Periohistology Course Overview

Course Overview

       The periodontium
    B. Microscopic features
        1. Gingival epithelium 
            a. Oral epithelium
            b. Sulcular epithelium
            c. Junctional epithelium
            a. Gingival fibers - Collagen
                Gingival fibers - Other fibers
                Gingival fibers - Classification
            b. Cells
            c. Vessels and nerves
        3.  Development of the dentogingival junction
            a. Early stages
            d. Periodontal probing
    A. Functions
        1. Coronal cementum
        2. Radicular cementum
        3. Reparative cementum
        4. Cementum cells
    A. Structural characteristics
        1. General features
        2. Microscopic features

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  • This course is designed to serve as a refresher course on the histology of the periodontium for students and graduate dentists that have already attended a formal course.  It may also serve as an introduction to periodontal histology to professionals with a non-dental background, but with some knowledge of biology.
  • The topics are divided into 4 major parts, one for each of the periodontal tisues, namely gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum and alveolar bone.  The course assume a prior knowledge of basic histology of various tissue types, such as mineralized and non-mineralized connective tissues and  epithelium.  At the end of certain sections, a short quiz will test your understanding of that section.
  • Some references are provided for additional detail.  These have been chosen to emphasize textbook chapters or reviews, rather than original research reports.
  • At the end of this course, you should be able to describe the main structural characteristics of the periodontal tissues and their relevance to normal masticatory function.

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