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Type of Opportunity:
General Denist


Our group philosophy is simple. We want to pioneer a new culture in dentistry starts with bringing good people into our group. It is not enough to simply put our like-minds in the same room. We are committed to providing the ultimate freedom, individuality, to those who want to do the right thing for the patient, and for each other. We provide a strong group of individuals for focus and support. We use proven methods in administration that we have learned over a decade’s time, paired with growth initiatives that will guide us to where we are going, to pioneer a future in dentistry that we all want to be a part of.   Let’s Put The Patient First Together We want to put the patient first, together, with you. We realize that this cannot happen unless a doctor and their clinical team are first taken care of. NADG offers to take care of all the essential business administration tasks and even offers clear paths to a healthier financial outcome for our doctors.   Choose to Practice Group Dentistry, not Corporate Dentistry


Earn a competitive salary, retain true clinical autonomy Ownership opportunities with equity Full benefits for full-time work CE & Mastery programs Malpractice insurance How We Support You: Marketing Finance Insurance Billing Information Technology Patient Service Center Human Resources A Path to Partnership for Associate Dentists NADG is offering the Path to Partnership for high-performance associate doctors. We leverage our financial expertise to help you reach a sustainable and profitable career. The path begins when you start a career with us and ends when you are given ownership in our group as a partner.


Name of Practice:
North American Dental Group - Refresh Dental
Practice Owner:
Michele Phillips
Type of Practice:
Group Practice



(517) 403-5260
1302 Freedom Road
Cranberry Township

October 4, 2019