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Dental Associate Position Information – Atlanta Dental Group PC


The Atlanta Dental Group PC was established in 1982, over 39 years ago. Its dental campus has three buildings located on the second busiest road in Atlanta, Piedmont Avenue. Our dentists perform molar root canal therapy, impacted wisdom teeth removal and most oral surgery procedures, Cerec same day crowns, periodontal surgery, placement and restoration of dental implants (including virtual dental implant surgery), bone grafting (including split ridge procedures), Cosmetic Dentistry and much more. We are focused on high quality oriented dental care. The practice owns two CAT scans (limited and full field), digital panoramic radiograph, Cerec system, dental laser, dental electrosurgery unit, endodontic microscope and several high quality Canon digital cameras. We construct immediate temporary dentures in house to be used after full mouth extractions.


Why do a General Practice Residency when you can get paid well to learn the same or even more with a private mentor? Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky loves to mentor dentists and is himself a life-long learner. He has six advanced dental recognitions and also teaches in the area of Temporomandibular Disorders. His private dental library consisted of hundreds of texts. The Atlanta TMD Institute is associated, but separate from, the Atlanta Dental Group PC. There are opportunities, if you wish, to learn more about TMD after your exposure to general dentistry. The primary initial focus for the dental associate to first learn and master molar root canal therapy since our practice performs a great deal of endodontic procedures. We have an actual training program and if you are selected as our 2019 associate, you can actually start the program before beginning work with the group.


Name of Practice:
The Atlanta Dental Group PC
Practice Owner:
Mark Padolsky
Type of Practice:
General Dentistry



(404) 874-7428
1624 Peidmont Ave NE

May 25, 2019