Form Submission: Professional Opportunity

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Type of Opportunity:
General Dentist


Dentist Responsibilities Include: - Perform dental exams and provide general and emergency dental care - Regular cleanings, scaling and prophylaxis - Scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) - Advise patients regarding preventative dental care and about the causes and treatment of dental problems - Diagnose and treat oral diseases and injuries using dental instruments - Diagnosing from x-rays - Conduct oral cancer screenings - Conduct composite restorations - Place fillings and perform pit and fissure sealants - Socket preservations, extractions and minor oral surgeries - Root canals, including anterior teeth, premolars, and molars - Prep and deliver crowns, bridges, and veneers - Construct full and partial dentures - Implant supported and retained prosthetics


Name of Practice:
Owens Denistry
Practice Owner:
John C Owens III, DDS
Type of Practice:
General Dentistry


John C
Owens III, DDS

(570) 648-7414
184 State Route 2026
Coal Township

August 29, 2019