Requirements for patient-centered dental treatment plans

Patient-Centered Dental Treatment Plans from OFA on Vimeo.

Abstract: In the dental office, educating a patient about their treatment plan is often limited to brief verbal instructions and/or pamphlets. However, a good comprehension of the treatment plan by the patient is essential for a variety of reasons such as choosing among different treatment options, following up with planned procedures, and understanding the limits of dental care and the patient's contributions to its success. At the same time, the dental office is typically a busy place, with limited resources for in-depth patient education.  Thus, effective and efficient patient education must balance a variety of factors. This project attempts to integrate the needs and wants of patients as well as dentists in defining requirements for an educational, patient-centered presentation of the treatment plan. The project will use patient/dentist surveys as well as semi-structured interviews to gather data to form cultural and workflow models. This project will result in design for a printed treatment plan that would be presented to the patient. We will design this plan with the patient in mind, and focus namely on what patients expect and want to see when deciding on a treatment path.

Keywords: Treatment Plans; Patient-Centered; Patient Education; Dentistry; Clinical Care