Student Research Group

The University of Pittsburgh Student Research Group (SRG) is a student-run organization whose main purpose is to foster an environment that encourages student interaction with research. Through fellowship, awareness, and meetings, we aid interested students by enriching their dental education through a research experience. The SRG is affiliated with the National Student Research Group, one of 20 scientific groups that comprise the International and American Associations for Dental Research.

If you are currently in a research project and looking to enrich your experience we are here to help. Members of the SRG board are here to aid in cultivating and enriching research experiences at the SDM. Please check out our website and contact your current SRG officers or faculty advisors for more information.


The mission of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine Student Research Group is to:

  • Increase awareness of the Student Research Group activities
  • Generate new knowledge and solutions to oral and health related problems through scientific; investigation and research
  • Involve more students in research at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Foster an ongoing relationship between faculty and students
  • Provide continuing educational opportunities for student research interests


In addition to supporting student research, the SRG participates in research conferences and organizes events at the dental school.

SRG Meetings

Meetings are scheduled throughout the school year to report on local and national activities of the Student Research Group. Faculty interested in sponsoring students are invited to discuss their research activities. Elections occur once a year for the officers elect and officers active.

Systemic Anatomy Practice Practical

The SRG organizes an annual anatomy practice practical for first year dental students. This provides the opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the format of their anatomy practicals. SRG members tag anatomical structures on human cadavers, and students are given one minute to identity and record each structure before rotating to the next station.

AADR/IADR/CADR Research Meeting

The annual AADR/IADR/CADR research meeting attracts over 6,000 participants worldwide. During the several day conference, individuals give presentations and attend workshops on topics of major interest to the scientific community. University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine students and SRG members have consistently been well represented at this conference.

Get Involved in Research

  1. What Are You Interested In?  The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what interests you? What is the particular topic, concept, or field you are interested in? There are a variety of different research projects available for students. The best match is one that enhances your academic and clinical interests.

  2. Finding A Mentor - After deciding a research interest you will need to identify a mentor to work with. Attending an SRG meeting or contacting an SRG representative can help align you with a potential candidate. Before contacting a mentor that is pursuing research of interest to you, remember to browse their recent publications to better understand their research focus.  Find a potential mentor.
  3. Get Involved - When meeting with a potential mentor, discuss your interest in their research and what role you may have in their projects. Decide if you can dedicate time and energy from your schedule to perform tasks, while maintaining your educational and clinical responsibilities. Some students may choose to shadow in the lab to more firmly understand the time investment and responsibilities.


Interested in becoming an SRG member? Membership benefits include opportunities for school-sponsored research conferences, snacks at SRG meetings, club officer opportunities, and access to exclusive publications. Please follow the steps outlined below. All members need to renew their membership each academic year.

  • Fill out the membership form at the IADR website. Ensure to check IADR membership and Division Section Membership.
  • Please print off your receipt and submit to a SRG officer during a SRG meeting.


AADR: American Association of Dental Research
IADR: International Association of Dental Research