Living Our Legacy: Connecting Generations of Alumni Athletes

Join us on Wednesday, April 7th for Living Our Legacy: Connecting Generations of Alumni Athletes and hear never-before told stories from Pitt Athletes and Dental

hosted by Matt Iannazzo

April 7, 2021, 7pm

Hosted by Mr. Matt Iannazzo, hear never-before-told stories from former Pitt Athletics varsity letter winners who went on to joint he Pitt Dental Medicine Family. Panelists include Dr. Morgan Choe, Women’s Softball (DEN ’20), Dr. Kathy Stetler, Women’s Swimming (DEN ’83), Dr. Brian Generalovich, Football (DEN ’68), Dr. William Sulkowski, Men’s Basketball (DEN ’78), and Dr. Kenneth Lang, Men’s Soccer (DEN ’70).

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Panelists include

Dr. Morgan Choe (DMD ’20)

From an early age, Dr. Choe knew she wanted to be a dentist and was determined to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine! She came to Pitt in 2013 as a preferred walk-on for the Softball team. In 2015, she was a part of the first Pitt softball team to reach the ACC Championship Game and NCAA Regional Final. Dr. Choe went on to graduate from the School of Dental Medicine in 2020. She is currently in her first year of Pediatric Residency at St. Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

Dr. Kenneth Lang (DMD ‘70)

Dr. Lang has been attending Pitt Athletic events since he could walk! Lang started his time in Pitt Athletics as a walk-on for baseball, being a part of the first Pitt baseball team to be invited to the NCAA tournament. After some encouragement from his roommate, Lang tried out for the soccer team where he was the back-up keeper for 2 years before becoming a starter. While he completed his degree in engineering, he had always thought about attending Dental School. Three days after being offered a job, he was accepted into Pitt Dental Medicine! He now runs his own private practice and has coached all five of his children’s teams.

Brian Generalovich (DMD ’68)

Dr. Brian Generalovich played for Pitt’s basketball team from 1961-1964 and the football team in 1964. In addition to having been team captain of the basketball team, he graduated as the fifth all-time leading scorer in Pitt Basketball history, voted MVP in basketball for three consecutive years. Following graduation, he was drafted by the New York Knicks, Boston Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He passed on those opportunities to join the Pitt Dental Medicine family!

Kathy Stetler (DMD ‘83)

Dr. Kathy Stetler is one of the 16 former coaches and student-athletes inducted into the Pitt Athletics Hall of Fame. She is celebrated as Pitt’s first female national champion in any sport for her win in the 50-yard butterfly race in 1978. She was also the first female four-year All-American with 18 total All-American awards. After a historic career in Pitt Athletics, she joined the Pitt Dental Medicine family.

William Sulkowski (DMD ‘78)

Dr. William Sulkowski comes from a long line of Pitt graduates and student athletes. He played for the Pitt Men's Basketball team from 1970-1973. Before joining the Pitt Dental Medicine family, Sulkowski played basketball in Europe. In 2007 he received the Awardee of Distinction from the Pitt Varsity Letter Club. Sulkowski runs his own private practice in Canonsburg with his brother.