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Interdisciplinary Implant Center

The Reality of Tooth Loss

As we age, or face various trauma, our normal oral function slowly decreases. Bone volume decreases as teeth are lost, as well as the loss of jaw function.

Over time, treating this condition using traditional methods becomes much more difficult. Healthy, adjacent teeth often must be ground down, and traditional prostheses have to be placed, requiring continuous adjustment.

Returning Your Smile

Implants are an excellent alternative to traditional prostheses. Placement of implants can actively stimulate the bone to grow, maintaining the health of both the bone and surrounding soft tissue. Patients who have successful implants placed can return to a more natural looking smile. 

The Interdisciplinary Implant Center is a collaboration of several departments within the School of Dental Medicine. Its purpose is threefold, including patient care, teaching, and research.

Patients with missing and damaged teeth may be candidates for implants. If you are missing natural teeth, several options are available to return your natural smile and let you eat foods that you enjoy, again.

Pitt Dental Medicine Interdisciplinary Implant Center offers patients a desirable solution that can restore your confident smile and that feels and functions like your own natural teeth.

Pitt Dental Medicine is actively seeking ways to improve dental implant patient care. Implant treatment is not for all patients, but our extremely flexible implant systems can make implants an option for most patients.


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