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Distinguished Alumni and Awards

Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award reception
Pictured above:  Dr. Thomas Braun, Dean; Distinguished Alumnus Dental Medicine, Col. Shan Bagby (DMD '93); Distinguished Alumna Dental Hygiene, Ms. Susan Ban (DH '80); and Distinguished Alumnus Advanced Education, Dr. Andrew Kwasny (DMD '83, MS Ortho ’85)

In 1965 the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine initiated the Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award to recognize those dental alumni who had brought recognition to the University and the School of Dental Medicine through their contributions to society and the profession of dentistry. Each year the Distinguished Alumnus Selection Committee gathers to review nominations of individuals whose contributions have been exceptionally significant, beyond that which would normally have been expected, and whose high professional standards have been of such character as to have materially aided and advanced the art and science of dentistry. Starting in 1998, an advanced education program recipient and/or a dental hygiene recipient may be recognized.

Now Accepting Nominations for Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award

Award Criteria

  • Nominee must be a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. This includes all Dental Medicine, Dental Hygiene, and Advanced Education graduates. 
  • Nominee has an outstanding and notable record of distinction in the field of dentistry. Individual contributions have gone above and beyond that which is normally expected.
  • Nominee has high professional standards which have significantly aided and advanced the art and science of dentistry.

Nominations must be received no later than Tuesday, October 31, 2023. 
Please only submit one nomination per survey. 

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Distinguished Alumnus Recipients - Dental Medicine

Year Recipient Class
1965 Dr. Clyde H. Schuyler  1916
1966 Dr. Albert Pechan   1928
1967 Dr. William D. McClelland  1918
1968  Dr. I. Franklin Miller  1936
1969 Dr. Stephen P. Forrest  1936
1970 Dr. John L. Boots  1918
1970 Dr. Yu Kyung Lee  1937
1976  Dr. Isaac Sissman  1925
1977 Dr. Charles F. McDermott  1934
1977 Dr. George P. Boucek  1940
1979 Dr. James M. McNerney  1926
1981  Dr. Clement Chieh-Chuan Wang  1932
1985 Dr. Arthur C. McFeaters, Jr. 1958
1986 Dr. W. Arthur George  1932
1987 Dr. Edward J. Forrest 1941
1988 Dr. Charles J. Miller 1950
1989 Dr. William Stark 1946
1990 Dr. James W. Smudski 1952
1991 Dr. William B. Trice 1953
1992 Dr. Stephen L. Kondis 1953
1993 Dr. K. B. Chun 1945
1994 Dr. George Georgieff 1961
1995 Dr. Ruth Semenow-Friedman 1945
1996 Dr. Stanley J. Behrman 1945
1996 Dr. Marvin Sniderman 1947
1997 Dr. John B. Lathrop 1961
1998 Dr. Ronald Johnson  1961
1999 Dr. Robert S. Runzo 1952
2000 Dr. Andrejs Baumhammers 1959
2000 Dr. Raymond Lancione 1957
2001 Dr. Ellsworth T. Bowser 1960
2004 Dr. Arthur J. Nowak 1961
2005 Dr. Nicholas K. Long 1965
2006 Dr. William Carpenter 1964
2007 Dr. Judith Davenport 1979
2008 Dr. Thomas W. Braun 1973
2009 Dr. Harold W. Posner 1944
2010 Dr. F. Eugene Ewing 1953
2011 Colonel Priscilla H. Hamilton 1982
2012 Dr. Terry L. Buckenheimer 1980
2013 Colonel Robert K. Manga 1981
2014 Captain David A. Bitonti 1985
2015 Dr. Robert J. Weyant 1982
2016 Dr. Mark W. Ochs 1983
2017 Colonel Shan K. Bagby 1993
2019 Dr. Brian Generalovich 1968
2020 Dr. Diane Damratoski Romaine 1995
2022 Dr. Theresa A. Heaton 2005
2023 Dr. Lee Pollan  1971
2024 Dr. Jeffrey Rice 1976
2024 Dr. Edward Korenman 1978

Distinguished Alumnus Recipients - Advanced Education Program

Year Recipient Class
2004 Dr. Dennis N. Ranalli, MDS 1982
2005 Dr. Paul A. Moore 1977
2007 Dr. John A. Molinari 1970
2008 Dr. C. Richard Bennett 1967
2008 Dr. Jay I. Reznik 1972
2010 Dr. Deborah Studen-Pavlovich 1980
2011 Judge Donald Machen 1972
2012 Dr. Richard J. Crout 1973
2013 Dr. Louis B. Jannetto 1961
2014 Dr. A. Omar Abubaker 1990
2015 Dr. Joseph A. Giovannitti 1979
2017 Dr. Andrew Kwasny 1983
2019 Dr. Richard Doerfler 1989
2020 Colonal Peter H. Guevara 1992

Distinguished Alumnus Recipients - Dental Hygiene

Year Recipient Class
1997  Dr. Joanne Nicoll 1967
1999 Ms. Angelina Riccelli 1974
2000 Ms. Margaret Lappan-Green 1968
2001 Ms. Eleanor W. Jockers 1982
2003 Ms. Connie Tanner-Bird 1976
2006 Dr. Marcia Leonardi Gladwin 1972
2007 Ms. Madeline Dudas 1964
2008 Dr. Margaret McCormick-Pipko 1965
2009 Ms. Barbara Egnot 1975
2010 Dr. Victoria Bastecki-Perez 1985
2011 Ms. Michele Leonardi Darby 1969
2012 Dr. Caroll Johnston Deuben 1965
2013 Ms. Judith Gallagher 1972
2014 Dr. Karen Skaff 1968
2015 Ms. Susan Holstein Michaylo 1984
2017 Ms. Susan Ban 1980
2023 Ms. Linda Straub-Bruce 1989

Distinguished Alumni Award Categories

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine Distinguished Alumni Awards may be presented in each of the following categories: Distinguished Alumnus- Dental Medicine; Distinguished Alumnus- Dental Hygiene; and Distinguished Alumnus- Advanced Education Program, to individuals who have excelled in one or more of the following areas:

  • One whose contribution of time and effort to the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine has been exceptionally significant, beyond that which would normally have been expected.
  • One whose significant attainments and high professional standards have been of such character as to have materially aided and advanced the art and science of dentistry.
  • One whose public life and activities have been of such a nature as to reflect great credit upon the profession and the School of Dental Medicine.
  • One who has contributed to original research in the dental profession.

Nomination Requirements

  • A one-page biographical sketch of each candidate must accompany the nomination sent to the chairpersons of the Awards Committee.
  • In the event that the Awards Committee decides in any year that no nominee has attained the above stated criteria, it shall so report.
  • No member of the Awards Committee shall be considered eligible.
  • The deadline for submission of nominations shall be November 1.
  • The recipient of the Award shall be notified as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days before the presentation.
  • The Dean, or a designee, shall make the presentation of these awards.
  • Recipients shall be the guests of the Dental Alumni Association at the School of Dental Medicine Alumni Homecoming Weekend (or Dean's Scholarship Ball) during which the presentation is made.

The Awards Committee shall consist of six members:

  • Two Co-Chairs as indicated by the By-laws
  • A representative of the Faculty/Staff of the School
  • The President of the Dental Alumni Association
  • A previous recipient of the Award
  • The Executive Director of the Alumni Association

The foregoing requirements and requests for nominees shall be outlined yearly in the Dental Alumni Association's Publication.

Approved by the Executive Committee November 21, 1997.
Approved by the Board of Directors December 1, 1997.
Effective Date: January 1, 1998
Guidelines amended for 2001, approved by the Executive Committee February 4, 2000 and the Board of Directors March 20, 2000.

Legacy Laureates

Year Recipient Class
2000 Dr. Stanley Behrman 1945
2004 Dr. William B. Trice 1953
2005 Dr. Judith Davenport 1979
2006 Dr. Ellsworth T. Bowser 1960
2007 Dr. H. Raymond Primas 1947
2008 Dr. Brian Generalovich 1968
2009 Dr. Harold K. Wrigley 1967
2011 Colonel Priscilla H. Hamilton 1982
2013 Dr. Arthur John Nowak 1961

About The Legacy Laureates

Launched in 2000, the Legacy Laureate program recognizes Pitt alumni who have excelled both professionally and personally and who exemplify the best in leadership qualities and commitment to the greater good for their professions, communities, and the world at large.

Award of Appreciation

Recipient Year
Auxiliary to the Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania  
Addison H. Gibson Foundation  
Ms. Charlotte G. Kisseleff  
Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania  
Dental Alumni Association  
Dr. Ruth S. Friedman  
Dr. William H. Labriola  
Dr. William Stark  
Dr. Milton E. Nicholson  
Dr. Gilbert N. Robin  
Ms. Helen C. Pearce  
Dr. W. Arthur George  
Mr. Herman H. Langkamp  
Dr. Stephen L. Kondis  
Dr. Raymond Primas 2007
Ms. Abby Sniderman Milstein 2009
Ms. Dee Delaney 2009
Dr. Harry Zohn & Dr. Cecile Feldman 2010
Dr. R. Donald Hoffman 2011
Dr. James Guggenheimer 2014
Dr. David A. Anderson 2016

About The Award of Appreciation

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine established the Award of Appreciation on September 1, 1986 to recognize individuals or groups who have contributed significantly to the Mission and Goals of the School of Dental Medicine.