• Pitt Dental Medicine Researchers Understanding Cleft Palate

    Dr. Mary Marazita and Dr. Seth Weinberg lead the way to discovering more about the genetic link to cleft palate. Read More >


Research is a chief priority at University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. We are ranked as a top-ten dental school, nationally, for National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) funding. Research at the school not only establishes national and international prominence, but also promotes high-quality instruction. Through sharing their research knowledge, faculty encourage students to develop critical thinking regarding the scientific basis of practice and appreciation of the rapid changes within the profession.

Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics

The research focus of the Centerfor Craniofacial and Dental Genetics is to identify genes that contribute to complex human phenotypes, primarily those involved in craniofacial and dental disorders such as cleft lip. Such studies involve molecular and statistical genetic approaches for gene mapping and identification, as well as investigations into phenotype delineation and behavioral and epidemiological factors contributing to each disorder.  Read more >

Center for Craniofacial Regeneration

The Center for Craniofacial Regeneration was established to develop tissue engineering-based treatments for wounds and defects of the face and skull in order to restore function as well as appearance. The tissues of the face and skull are many and complex. Accordingly, the Center’s team represents many disciplines and is rooted in the many achievements made by University of Pittsburgh researchers in tissue regeneration and biomaterial development. Read More >

Center for Informatics in Oral Health Translational Research

The Center for Informatics in Oral Health Translational Research supports research and education aimed at improving delivery of dental care and patient outcomes, as well as treatment of oral and maxillofacial conditions, particularly those related to systemic health. Learn More>>

Center for Oral Health Research in Appalachia

Appalachia has the largest burden of oral health problems per capita in the United States. Health disparities in oral health outcomes resulting from differences in socioeconomic status are common. The goal of the Center is to identify factors that lead to oral health disparities in children and families in Appalachia. These factors may include genes, microbes, behavior, family interactions or community characteristics.  Learn More>>

Dental Registry and DNA Repository

The Dental Registry and DNA Repository (DRDR) is the first-known center of its kind to collect DNA samples paired with anonymous dental records for the purpose of assisting genetics research. The DRDR is revolutionary because it eliminates the need for further Institutional Review Board (IRB) evaluations for projects seeking to use data from the registry.  Learn More>>

Student Research

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine has a long history of facilitating interactions between dental students and researchers at the university. Opportunities are available for students in many different aspects of dental research, including craniofacial genetics, tissue regeneration, informatics, public health and other fields.  Learn More>>


Faculty Labs

Many of our faculty coordinate research laboratories that permit faculty, students and other researchers to target highly specific research endeavors. Read More >

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